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Lady's Story

Lady became a member of our family 3 1/2 years ago @ 6 wks old and has been a joy ever since. I had a German Shep/Collie growing up with cats but always more of a cat person. Lady is the first dog I've owned as an adult (42) and I was the hesitant one about getting her. We (husband & daughters) had a VERY small apt & couldn't afford a dog (I was pushing for a cat) but since we got her from hubby's mom she'd help us out. Sooooo glad I said yes!! Every pet has one member of the family that he/she favors and I'm that member. She is my BFF (along with my daughters)!!! And she loves your food!! I happened across a free sample online and figured I'd give it a try. Lady is used to dry food (wet food is a problem because she has to play with her food first) so I mix some dry w/ the wet and she picked around the dry. I turned around and there were pieces of dry all over the floor around her dish!!! So I'd say we give this doggie food 2 paws up!! Thanks for the parsley too!!

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