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BellaBlue's Story

Bella Blue came to us from the Humane Society at Lollipop Farm. She was sitting quietly in her cage panting when I walked up to her. I noticed her because the tip of her tongue was blue. She was so sweet and happy to see me that I decided we should meet. When I asked the attendant if I could visit with her, she said that Dani (her pre-adoption name) had just had sterilization surgery and couldn't leave her cage. I went back to tell her that we wouldn't be able to meet each other that day. She was so enthusiastic, wagging her tail and wiggling her body, that I began to question whether she had, indeed, had surgery. She didn't LOOK like a dog in recovery. I checked her belly as best I could from the outside of her confinement...no shaved spot, no visible stitches. So I went back to the attendant with some determination and asked if she would please confirm her operation. Turns out there were too many scheduled and they didn't get her in. So we had our first visit and the rest is our history. She came with a bit of neurosis and some bad habits, but we've been working hard to make her the happiest and healthiest dog she can be. We love her and she loves us, and that's what counts.

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