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Bibitzza's Story

In 2009, my first Bolognese, Bibitzza, died suddenly and tragically at the age of 5. It totally broke my heart and I still mourn and miss her as she was my heart dog.

My husband looked for a reputable breeder and found one in Minnesota who had a pregnant female, Dalia, a small 5 lb Bolognese, who had had 2 puppies, one female one male.

My husband adopted the Female and I named her Bibitzza II because I was unable to let go of my first baby and wished that this Bibitzza would have the same personality as the first. Well she doesn't, she's a tomboy and a brat whereas my first was dainty and feminine,

in 2011 I thought I breeding puppies on a small scale as Bibitzza is a gorgeous specimen. We got her a suitor and she got pregnant.

She has always been a finicky eater and I was worried sick she would have a difficult pregnancy and more difficult birthing. I didn't want her gettiing ill so I tried everything that was premium dog food and even cooked her food but i have many dogs and they ALL wanted the cooked food which I didn't have time to do. Then I saw an advert of The Honest Kitchen and submitted an inquiry to them. They sent me a free 10 lb box which was awesome but better than that, Bibitzza gobbled it up!! She was fat and pregant and had three gorgeous puppies who I have kept. They are also eatiing Keen but i mix it with some premium non grain kibble and some fish oil and they love it!!

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