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Pongo's Story

Meet Pongo, our 2 year old Weimaraner, and quite possibly the best dog I have ever owned. This dog eats, sleeps, and lives for family time and outdoor adventures.

Shortly after Pongo joined our family as a young pup, we learned that he had some serious food allergies and a sensitive digestive system. We tried many brands of dog "kibble" trying to find the best one to meet his nutriontal needs and proper growth. Nothing was doing the trick. Even the food brand specialty bags designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs only eased half of his allergy aliments. It as at the time we decided to go back to the drawing board and actually look at all of the ingredients we were feeding him in the dog kibble. Yuck! I hope every dog or cat owner takes the time to look at all the ingredients and understand each one.

After looking high and low for a better alternative to the typical dog over baked kibble, we discovered The Honest Kitchen (THK). Since Pongo had a grain allergy, we had been considering the RAW food diet. However I wasn't comfortable giving him 100% raw meat with vitamins out of a toothpaste container. It was then that we found the "Preference" dog food from THK. It allows to you incorporate your own raw meat with their high quality, vitamin rich food. After the switch, all of his allergies disappeared!! Not only that, but his coat so shiny and healthy. Pongo licks his bowl clean every time! Thanks THK! I'll never go back!!!