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Drogo's Story

Drogo is my 9 month old bundle of energy. When he was around 4 months old he had a rough bout of stomach issues. After 2 months of multiple vet visits, lots of negative tests, tons of meds and switching to food the vet recommended he just wasn't getting better. Without the meds I would come home to explosive accidents in his crate. He just wasn't himself, you could tell he felt rotten. I felt so bad for him but my vet insisted I should stick with the food. Luckily I discovered The Honest Kitchen through a german shepherd forum and I decided to give it a shot. It was my saving grace. I saw immediate improvement after adding only a quarter cup to my pup's meals. The switch was easy since he loved it and I no longer had to beg him to eat. He's been on 100% THK for 3 months now. Beyond settling his stomach he has a ton of energy, his coat is glossy and his breath doesn't stink. In fact, he doesn't stink at all. My mom always marvels that he doesn't have that 'dog' smell. I try to buy the sample packs with every order to spread the THK love. This is truly a quality product and I tell every dog owner I come across.