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Tinker's Story

Tinker, a miniature poodle, came into our lives as a foster 2 years ago when he was 9yo. His owner had gone into Hospice House and he had been in a boarding kennel for a couple weeks. When he arrived here he was very depressed, extremely overweight at 19lbs with a knee injury that had him carrying a hind leg. The food he came with I consider one small step up from poison and he showed signs of extreme long-term allergies in his ears and on his skin. After going through several top kibble brands over 2 years he had lost 3lbs and his allergies were "mostly" under control. Then I found The Honest Kitchen. After three weeks on THK Tinker was losing more weight, showing a shine to his coat, and his skin was losing the thick black patches caused by his allergies. Now, after being on Zeal and Kean for several months the black is gone and he weighs 13lbs! He LOVES his THK!