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Ivy's Story

I adopted Ivy from a rescue group in Phoenix AZ, she was about 9 or 10 years old.
When I got her home I discovered she was infested with ticks, going blind, deaf and she had several tumors in her mammary glands. My Vet did operate on her to remove the tumors but he said it had spread too much and he couldn't get all the cancer out. He wasn't very optimistic about her long term survival.
My goal was to make her comfortable and give her as much love and attention that I could give her for as long as she had left. I started feeding her Honest Kitchen food when she first joined our family and after some time had passed I noticed her coat was so soft and shiny, she had so much energy, she was running around with the younger dogs like she herself was a puppy again. She was soo happy. She lived with me for over 2 years. I do believe that this food gave her a longer and better quality of life.