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Marlo P

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Marlo P's Story

Marlo's story begins with her having a "bum" leg as a puppy which required us to get her orthopedic surgery. And, with surgery came antibiotics, steroids, etc. In short, it all destroyed her health and wellness; the rest of her life hasn't been much better until we saw a holistic vet. who referred us toThe Honest Kitchen! Marlo's itching and biting just had to stop and now that she's older, I didn't want to compromise her health any longer. Never before had we been suggested that; it was always the same old medications that took away the symptoms but kept her ill. Since being allergy tested, we've had Marlo on Embark and Force--it's still a slow journey but I am seeing progress! She's lively, quite vocal nowadays, and her skin is looking good! Thank you Honest Kitchen. I know that with time, she's going to regain her health totally and legthen the time and quality of her life, and that means the world to us!