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Phoenix's Story

Phoenix is the first big dog I've ever owned on my own aside from living with my parents growing up. I have two small dogs, who surprisingly were very low maintenance when it came to food and treats. When I got Phoenix I tried all sorts of different kibble for him. First he was having digestion issues, then he would be itchy, and then of course, bad breath. I tried FOUR different brands of kibble to try and help my guy out. None of which cured all his symptoms. His breath was the worst, so of course I was trying my hardest to find what would be perfect for him. I saw an ad for THK on facebook and tried it out. He LOVES it. I give Phoenix 'Love' along with his kibble, that worked for everything else other than his stinky breath. I mix some cottage cheese in it at his dinner time and he just can't get enough of it. My pup is healthy, happy, and has normal puppy breath again! We are both happy and I owe it all to THK!