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Cooper's Story

Just stopping by to tell yall how much better my boy has been since adding the Honest Kitchen Preference to his diet.

We have struggled for over a year with digestive issues and typically having to visit the vet at least once a month due to blood in his vomit and diarrhea.

While visiting the Boxerworld forum I saw a post that someone had started using this for their boxer with good results so I started him on it in Nov 2013.

I have cut out most of the kibble I was using TOTW grain free and all of the canned food I was adding to get him to eat the kibble..

For breakfast i feed 1/2 cup of kibble for the crunch and 3/4 cup of protein with his HKP, I do the same for his night feeding. I usually feed the same protein for 2-3 days then switch to something different. Found out it makes a huge difference if I rinse the protein to rid of all the grease!

Truly amazing difference and no more tummy problems or vet visits!! Thank You HK!!