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Caesar's Story

We have had Caesar since he was 12 weeks old. He is now going on 4 and in the past few years he began exhibiting signs of food allergies. He would love a food, then stop eating it. I mean absolutely refuse to eat. We would switch foods, he would eat great, then stop. He would have random tummy upsets, his ears began to bother him, and he started losing hair around his tail and backs of legs, as well as patches of pyoderma on his belly. He also began to act very anxious whenever my husband and I left home. Caesar was miserable and so were we. Our vet suggested allergy testing, but was confident it was a food allergy. I decided to go about things via a process of elimination to pin down the culprit of our little boy's troubles. After doing some heavy research on the best dog foods out there, I came across THK and decided Zeal would be the best fit for our little guy. He has been on it for a month now and the changes are DRASTIC! His hair has begun to regrow, no random tummy upsets/gas, no yeasty paws/ears, and the patches of pyoderma have begun to heal and disappear. His coat is supple and soft...he literally glows in the sunlight which he loves to bathe in daily. His anxiety has actually gotten better as well, he does not yip or whine as much when we leave. Perhaps due to him feeling so much better. He is 10x more energetic than usual (which is Energizer bunny when he's not napping) and literally yips for joy when the kitchen timer goes off letting us know his food is ready. We cannot thank you enough THK! Our only regret is not finding your products sooner!