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Fang's Story

Choosing the right pet food is a delicate balance of what's best for the pet and what works for the owner. For me and Fang it's honest kitchen zeal! I've been a vegetarian for 12 years so although I believe a well balanced home cooked diet to be superior to kibble or cans, handling raw meat just isn't something I am willing to do. I've tried alot of kibble over the years and always felt guilty feeding him such unexciting meals. No matter the quality (or the price tag) he always seemed a bit underwhelmed and bored. I wanted him to be stoked for his food! On zeal he begs and hops around while prepare it for him. His skin is healthy and his coat is shiny. He's even looking more svelte, so it seems to be overall healthier for him. I love preparing him food and the best part is it's easy! Fang's so happy with his new diet and is thriving on it. I get the peace of mind that he's getting good nutrition that is also a major highlight of his day. Preparing the food is so simple that it works with my busy schedule. All around its been a relief to finally find the perfect food for us.