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Lily's Story

Lily is my 7 year old white Boxer. She's such a sweet girl and has quite the personality! I've had Lily since she was 8 weeks old, and She means the world to me. Lily has suffered from allergies since she was young. Over the years, we've tried different dog foods (grain free), lots of Benadryl, and even Atopica (a biologic medication) to help manage her allergies. Although we were managing, the problem wasn't solved. Then about a year and a half ago, Lily got Pancreatitis a couple of times and multiple UTIs. After several tests, we couldn't figure out why She kept getting the UTIs. She was on heavy antibiotics almost every 6-7 weeks to clear them up. After the last bought of Pancreatitis, I started looking for a new dog food - it had to be fish based and have less than 10% fat. I started Lily on The Honest Kitchen - Zeal Formula, and She's done miraculously well!!! Lily's skin still gets a little itchy/irritated sometimes, but she is completely off her allergy medications AND best of all - She hasn't had a UTI or gotten Pancreatitis since. Lily will be 8 years old next month and she is in the best health of her life!! She loves her food and runs and plays like a 2 year old dog again. Thank you!!