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Peeta's Story

Peeta is a picky eater and allergic to fish. And when she doesn't eat her food, her sister will eat it for her! When Peeta was a puppy, she had problems finding a good dog food that didn't upset her tummy. Ever since then, she has been very choosy about her food - the flavor and the length of time that she'll repeatedly eat the same food. Mommy & daddy wanted to find something that was healthy, wholesome, and delicious - and preferably made with human grade ingredients. After two years of searching, we found The Honest Kitchen. We decided to try the flavor that was good for picky eaters - Keen. Peeta (and her sister) loved it right away. But, it's normal for her to love new food. The real test is time. Immediately, we noticed that her tummy did very well being on Keen. We are now finishing up a 10 pound box, and she still loves Keen! Now, we are going to keep using Keen, but are also going to try some of the other flavors. We are happy to have found a food that she loves and that is healthy for her.