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Jewel & Lucy

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Jewel & Lucy's Story

My baby Jewel E. Bean had a traumatic summer-- a tumor removed in August; she was attacked by a larger dog and went through two more surgeries in September-- and to top it off she became incontinent. I took her to the vet to see what could be causing the 'leaky' issue and she was diagnosed with pancreatitis! She was eating what I thought was good, quality, healthy, natural food to which I added vegetables for extra nutrients. The vet gave me their so called 'prescription diet' food to get her over the pancreatitis. I got it home and read the label...there was NO way I was feeding my 'kids' what was nothing but garbage! Corn, corn gluten, corn by product (?), corn meal, and miscellaneous other unhealthy ingredients. How is that supposed to be healing? I proceeded to cook for her and prepare meals for her. Then I searched for a company that had healthy, quality food and that actually cared about who would be eating their products. I was SO excited to find The Honest Kitchen! I found them listed on many review and quality comparison sites. I ordered and in less than two weeks my Beanie's blood work came back BETTER than normal! And as a bonus my other girl, Lucy, became less crazy and less gassy! Both LOVE the food! I will soon try the treats and other products! THANK YOU THK!!!!