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Luna's Story

I have adopted Luna by pure accident after loosing my Shepard and lab mix named Meatball.
She lived in a very loved home before, however, the diet was not the greatest.
I got her with multiple schnauzer bumps, one was quite large right on the neck. When I got her I started to read about the bread and food, etc. Right after I got Luna, which is a little over a year, I witched Luna's diet to Blue Buffalo healthy weight management, as she was few pounds over weight. She was doing fine for a year but getting sick once in a while because of her bumps. Once doctor told me that home made food is good for her. I went later and removed 5 of her bumps. At the same time I continued to search for the food that is more similar to home made and will have all the nutrition my pet needs. Not long ago I came across the Honest Kitchen. Finally, I have decided to give it a try. Luna is one week on Honest Kitchen and she seems to be happy about it.
I hope my pet will live long and happy life as I love her very much. She is my little hairy friend.