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Buffy's Story

My girl was a not anted puppy at 4mo old. She was Flown from here in WI to Florida, and was passed from neighbor to neighbor due to a death in the one of the 2 owners. So I wouldn't have cared what she was, when I went to look at her, her crate, food, and ton of belongings from whom ever cared for her were with. She became my dog right then and there. I became disabled and she never leaves me alone. I think she is part Pom and min. American eskimo. She had lymes disease, an umbiblical hernia, fixed when she was spade, a luxating patella, a blood draw that nicked her larynx and caused a collapsing trachea type problem, and I almost lost her to a wasp sting had I not rushed her to the ER and they acted to save her. Incubater with oxygen as she can never be intibated. So we are a pair, taking care of eachother for life. I would have it no other way!!!!