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Pinot's Story

We rescued Pinot 10 months ago. Prior to coming to us, he lived on a poor quality diet for 7 years. When he was rescued he was treated for a bad skin infection due to his poor diet. We had him on a grain free, mostly fish diet. However, shortly after he came to us he lost his fur on his chest, neck and around his ears. A few months later he developed pancreatitis. The hospital bill was enormous.Following the hospitalization, he was prescribed a low fat diet, which, after reading the ingredients we could not bear to feed him this "prescription" diet. We could barely pronounce the ingredients. After consulting with the Dachshund Rescue, we decided to trial Zeal. Pinot has been on Zeal for 2 months now which I compliment with boiled sweet potato. Not only has his fur grown back (yes, in 2 months!) but his coat is so smooth and shiny, and his energy is of a puppy. Everyone compliments him/us on how good he looks. He is slimmer and trimmer and healthier than when we got him almost a year ago. We believe prevention is the best medicine. We are hopeful that his new diet will prevent him from future bouts of pancreatitis, and continued good health. We feed him Honest Kitchen treats as well and he loves them, including the Beams fish Skins and Pecks. He does a "snoopy dance" when his food is being prepared we love how well he is doing! Thank you Honest Kitchen!