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Blossom was relinquished to Bulldog Haven NW in very sad condition. This sweet girls story began years before we started caring for her, she was left in a foreclosed home! To survive she ate her own vomit, drank whatever water she could reach out of the toilet and was declining quickly after several days alone.

Fortunately, a wonderful person found her, took Blossom into her care and nurtured this sweet bully back to health. 4 years after finding Blossom in the foreclosed house, Blossom's owner had to re-home Blossom. Her mom broke her hip and Blossom's owner need to help both financially and physically. Blossom's owner gave Blossom to her best friend with the commitment to love and care for Blossom. Unfortunately for Blossom that didn't happen.

About 18 months later Blossom came into Bulldog Haven NW's care. Her feet were swollen to four times normal, full of yeast and infection. Her eyes were caked with infection and very painful. Sweet Blossom's ears were so full of infection that they were swollen shut with pus dripping out of them. Blossom couldn't hear, her vision was very compromised and walking was very painful. Her tail pocket was so infected that when I loved on her I stayed away from her backside.

We decided to feed Blossom an Honest Kitchen diet and was recommended Zeal, Pro Bloom and Perfect Form. Her treats have also been from THK!

The change in Blossom has been dramatic! She has needed veterinary intervention, but along with such a healthy diet, Blossom is a different dog! My sister came by last night and couldn't believe she was the same dog! Her coat was previously dull, course with bright red inflamed she has a glistening coat, healthy skin and a sparkle in her eye. Miss Blossom is 90% better! She has more energy, loves to go for car rides and walks.

Because of the Honest Kitchen, some veterinary care and lots of love, Blossom is a bulldog that is thriving! Her ears, feet, eyes and tail are greatly improved and she can now live a life full of adventure! Thank you so much!

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tell your story

Tell us how The Honest Kitchen has helped your pet and receive 100 rewards points!