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Belle's Story

I adopted Belle 8 years ago from the local shelter. She was 4 months old at the time, and her previous owners decided having a puppy and having a baby was not going to work for them. My older lab who was 10 at the time shared those feelings. Belle tumbled into our home, full of energy, and things haven't been the same since.

I started Belle on THK Love about five years ago. She has always been a healthy and active dog--she runs about 20 miles a week with me--but she had the worst gas. A friend who bred dogs said that gas is often a symptom of food allergies. My parents fed THK to their brittany spaniel and Bowzer seemed to be thriving on it, so I made the switch. Since then, Belle's gas problem has disappeared (except when she manages to gobble up some cow poop). She still has plenty of energy and her coat looks amazing.

Currently Belle is on Love, Keen, and Embark. I alternate one box at a time and typically go through a box and a half a month. I added Smooches to her diet in January and they have definitely helped her breath. She loves her Smooches and has mastered the art of lay down and roll over for them. :)

I am so pleased to have healthy quality food to give to my fur child that she likes and that helps her smell much better. :D

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