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Daisy May

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Daisy May's Story

Daisy has an autoimmune disease which affected her blood and unfortunately also took her eyesight. She is now ten years old and was diagnosed when she was six. I had another cocker, Jasmine, who also somehow contracted a blood disease, but I could not save her. After she died I researched this disease and it was highly recommended that dogs with these kind of autoimmune disease be put on a highly natural food diet. I came across The Honest Kitchen which seemed to have the kind of food that Daisy needed. I have been feeding her Embark for over three months now. She has been on many medications for the past four years which affected her coat and energy. Since changing to The Honest Kitchen food, her coat is now again soft and shiny and her energy level has greatly increased. I wish I had started feeding The Honest Kitchen to both my cockerspaniels when they were puppies. This disease they shared has been linked to diet and I never realized I was feeding them very "unnatural", "unhealthy food" before, even the more expensive popular brands, which I found out the hard way were not very nutritious for my dogs. I will continue to feed Daisy The Honest Kitchen and will definitely feed any new additions to the household this "food".

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