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Silver's Story

Silver was diagnosed with bladder stones. Like any pet mom I freaked when the vet said it might of been something with her food, genetics, anything. Well I was feeding her and the rest of my pack home cooked one meal kibble the other. Vet said no more cooked food just her prescription food. Well I wasn't happy with the ingredients at all, plus she was not herself on the food from the vet. Tired, no energy, sometimes even lethargic. So after a month I decided to go against the vet diet and tried Honest Kitchen and a new grain free kibble after a friend recommended HK to me. Complete turn around. Happy and energetic again the way a cattle dog should be! No problems with her bladder, her coat feels better, and she loves it! So does her two brothers! We still give a little home cooked here and there or add fresh veggies or raw to the HK food sometimes but it's a great product and I'm very pleased in how not just Silver but all my dogs react to it. The worst part is the 5 minutes wait, all three of them sit and wait for the timer to go off crying for this food the whole time. Silver being the loudest! Very adorable! We all love Honest Kitchen and they really loves treats as well!