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Daisy's Story

Daisy had always been an escape artist. She constantly ran away and jumped over the gate, but she always came back. We would go chasing down the street for her and she would be running around, rolling around on the ground in front people's yards, and then she run back to our house. So one day our little southern belle decided to go on another adventure and jumped our backyard gate, but our poor pup hurt her leg on the fence! So a confused and pained Daisy kept continuing her adventure in our neighbors backyard. We were all away at work and at school so when we came home we saw that she was gone! Our first thought was that she had ran away, but she always came back. Luckily for us our other neighbor told us what had happened. He said that the dog pound had claimed Daisy and taken her straight to doggy jail! Of course our first instinct was head over to the pound. We hopped in the car and drove straight to doggy jail. Once we got there it was such a hassle to take her out. Finally when we got all the paperwork done, and payed the pound, we were able to go get our southern belle (escape artist) back. When we saw her in her little cell she looked so sad! Once she saw us she started whining and barking, and when we took her out and took her to the car she was very happy. As we were walking Daisy to the car we realized she was limping and whining in extreme pain! As soon as seeing this we picked her up, carried her too the car, and took her to the vet. It turned out she had tore a ligament in her leg and broken one of her bones. Our poor pup had to wear a cast on her leg for a long time, and we had to constantly be hiding little pain killers in her food. She eventually got better, but we knew that Daisy had learned her lesson and she wouldn't be going on any of her crazy adventures anymore.