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Ivy Rose

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Ivy Rose 's Story

Ivys allergy whoas started before we even adopted her, when we got her at 3 months she was on a "popular" kibble, I continued her on it for about 2 months in those two months we made 4 visits to the vet for ear infections, swollen red paws, and dry itchy skin. The vets prescribed medicine after medicine, only to offer her temporary relief, they recommended a hypo-allergenic food knowing enough about food to know I didnt want her on that I sat out to find my own solution, and I stumbled upon THK and thought why not? It sounded good, my local holistic pet store raved about it and gave me a sample, Ivy LOVED it! I was sold by that alone, so I ran out and bought a box of the chicken formula, within 3 weeks Ivys ear infections ceased, her paws healed and best of all? She was beyond excited about dinner! Over a year later and Ivy is still on THK, (we switch up formulas as she loves variety ;) ) and her health is exceptional no more ear infections, no more swollen red paws, her skin looks so healthy and her coat? Its beautiful! It shines like I didn't think possible, we are stopped all the time and asked what the secret to her shiny coat is and I always respond with "The honest kitchen". Thank you for creating a product that has given Ivy a better life!!! Ivy thanks you too.