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Although I grew up with English Setters, my black lab Gunner is the first puppy I've raised. I never imagined how much work is involved in caring for and training a puppy- but I never imagined how rewarding it could be, either.

Right out of the gate Gunner was troubled with urinary tract infections that we couldn't seem to fix. Long courses of antibiotics, tests, and more tests didn't seem to help. And when my poor little buddy didn't have UTI symptoms, his tummy seemed to be very angry. I'll never forget the first night I let him sleep with his crate door open- and woke up to an unpleasant mess on he carpet at the foot of my bed.

Although I'd been feeding Gunner a high quality kibble, it didn't seem to be the right diet for him. After the umpteenth visit to the vet, she suggested I try Honest Kitchen. I'd been looking into raw feeding, but being a vegetarian, I knew I'd have trouble (handling raw meat has never been my thing). THK seemed to be the perfect answer. Our vet warned me that it would be expensive (we expect Gunner to be a big boy), but then again so are vet visits, medicines, and carpet steamers. I decided to give it a try.

What a difference- almost immediately. The UTI finally cleared, and the tummy upset went away. And in no time, Gunner's coat was as soft and shiny as I'd ever seen a dog have. And he was so HAPPY! His little happy dance as I prepare his breakfast and dinner, how he pushes his bowl around until every last bit of Embark is gone... My friends joke that Gunner's grocery bill is bigger than mine, but I feel great knowing I'm giving my little guy the best that I can.

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tell your story

Tell us how The Honest Kitchen has helped your pet and receive 100 rewards points!