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murphy's Story

My name is Murphy! About a year and a half ago I was almost at 40lbs and my mommy became really concerned, especially since the extra weight was really hurting my knee and I was limping. My mommy came across The Honest Kitchen after going to a gourmet pet food store called Two Bostons in naperville and they recommended that I try a dehydrated food. Mommy was skeptical at first but I LOVED it. I hated my kibble and I was chunky because mom was always adding extra stuff like peanut butter and cheese so that I would eat it! After being on Force, I lost all my extra weight and I dont have anymore bad, smally gas OR ear infections! The best part of it is now I can run around all I want and my knee feels great! Thanks so much, Honest Kitchen! Keep making Force for me because I love it!

Murphy and his mom Jackie