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Spike's Story

Spike is my 3 year old active little Frenchie, my best friend and really the only man I need in my life. :) When I got Spike 3 years ago, he had a bad case of giarda. Every since his belly has been really sensitive. It took many dog food brands and combinations to realize that his stomach could handle grain free food the best, so since we've stuck to those brands. I really wanted to give Spike some variety, but he tends to not take well to change, so I stick with one flavor for months at a time. I thought I would try this brand after seeing a video about the honor and her passion and love for her dogs. It was also appealing to see that this food is considered human-grade, so I thought I'd give it a try. 5 sample tastes later, Spike absolutely loves it! So now I buy the 4lb box in different flavors and he gets it for dinner. Noticed how happy he is with his meals, he eats regularly plus his stool is much better. He is one happy little guy. :)