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I adopted Bear nearly 5 years ago and I have never regretted it for a second, even with all his health problems. He has been our best friend and has brought so much joy and laughter into our life. When I first adopted Bear, I noticed minor hair loss on his back legs. So I switched his food to Orijen Six Fish. He stayed on Orijen for a number of years, however, he still continued to lose fur. After lots of testing, it was determined that Bear has alopecia x, which means there's not much we can do for it. Stomach issues also started shortly after adopting Bear. He has been diagnosed with intolerances to a variety of foods. Over the past year or so, Bear started to have chronic diarrhea, upset stomach, weight loss, and he was losing albumin. After much testing, Bear went through surgery and it was determined he had severe inflammatory bowel disease with lymphangtesia. He went on an assortment of medication and we needed to switch food to a food with a lower percent fat. My vet wanted to switch him to Purina HA, but we are firm believers that, "you are what you are eat," and didn't like the idea of hydrolyzed food. So, after lots of research looking for a very low fat, grain-free, beef and chicken free food, we decided to switch to The Honest Kitchen's Zeal dog food. Its now been almost 6 months on the food, and we can't say enough good things about what the food has done for my Bear. While his coat issues have not changed (and this is to be expected), his albumin levels has gone back to normal and have gotten better than they have ever been before. His stools are no longer loose, and we have been able to wean him off almost all his medications and his happy-go-lucky personality and normal energy level is back. Thank you so much, Honest Kitchen.

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tell your story

Tell us how The Honest Kitchen has helped your pet and receive 100 rewards points!