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Rascal's Story

My 3 year old Chihuahua mix, Rascal, has had problems his whole life. Itchy skin, digestive problems, allergies, and weight loss. He has always been underweight, so I needed something high calorie, healthy, and with his favorite meat, beef. I found Love from THK online, and Rascal was in love. Literally. He was begging for me to open the box, and when I made it for him, he went back to the clean bowl three times and licked it all over. It smelt so pleasant, and I could tell rascal really liked it. Definetely not going back to Ol' Roy kibble! He would not eat that stuff. And I'm telling you, Rascal is a VERY picky eater. But when I opened the box of Love, I wasn't surprised he ate it all up.