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Annie's Story

We got Annie as a very young puppy, only five weeks old, from a backyard breeder. Ever since then, she has had an extremely sensitive stomach, which we believe is from her being weaned from her mother's milk at too young of an age. We had tried everything under the sun, as well as everything we could find in our small town, for Annie to eat without having tummy troubles afterwards. It has been quite difficult for us to find a good, high quality food that does not cost an arm and a leg, that also carries to a puppies need. I saw an online ad for The Honest Kitchen a few weeks ago and ordered several samples. They arrived shortly, and after switching Annie to the dehydrated food, she no longer has any stomach issues! Her coat is lively and shiny, and she just has a ton more energy! Since switching Annie to The Honest Kitchen food, I have also switched our older dog, and our cat, to The Honest Kitchen with great results!