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Disi's Story

They say you will one day have that once in a life time dog, your heart dog. Well I have mine-- Disi. Disi is a flat coated retriever that I was given to show in conformation. He finished his championship fairly easily by the age of two, then we tried obedience. He finished his Companion Dog title and all of his AKC Rally titles in 6 months. We then tried agility and field work. He has excelled at both. We then started dock diving and Disi quickly became a huge jumping dog and he is currently the number one ranked flat coated retriever. Disi is amazing, whatever I ask him to do, he not only does it but does it well. So when it came to nutrition I knew I owed it to him to feed him the very best. After months of research I found The Honest Kitchen. Disi has been fed both raw and high quality kibble before and did good (but not great). We have been feeding The Honest Kitchen for a few months now and what a difference it has made! I didn't know Disi could look nicer than he already did but he does. His coat is thick and shiney, his eyes are bright, his teeth are clean, he has tons of energy and he is an ideal weight. weight has always been an issue for Disi. I have to normally feed him 3-4 times the recommended amount of food for him to hold weight. With the Honest Kitchen he eats the recommended amount and looks great! Disi tended to always have allergies in the spring and summer but I'm happy to report not this year! I am a firm believer that proper nutrition can help so many issues and I think I have finally found my go to dog food. I have switched all 5 of my dogs to The Honest Kitchen and everyone looks great!