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Lincoln's Story

Our Lincoln is our pride & joy! So naturally being the protective parents we are, we are constantly attentive to his needs and overall well-being. When he began showing signs of allergies this spring we were quick to try new foods to resolve the issue. Unbeknownst to us, just because a food says it will work wonders for your furry friend, it doesn't always. We tried three different types of the most expensive brands and were severely disappointed in all of them. It was only until Lincoln's agility trainer suggested we try "the honest kitchen" brand that things began to turn around for us. We have never been comfortable with the whole raw diet idea, since we have little ones in the house and were worried about bacteria and messy hands everywhere. However, the products we found were fantastic to say the least! We love that our pup can have the same wholesome foods that we would enjoy in a convenient manner that works well with our hectic schedules. Lincoln has only been eating the honest kitchen's force for a little bit now, but I would NEVER feed him anything else. And I know by the look of his spic and span bowl that he would NEVER want anything else. Thank you, thank you, so much for such wonderful products!!! - Fairfax, VT