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Maggie's Story

Maggie is a 4yr old Shih Tzu and she has been on Honest Kitchen for 2 years now. Through trial and error we have discovered her FAV is Preference and then we add a protein of her choice! Lately it has been fresh poached Salmon or fresh Tenderloin that has been poached with veggies and then we grind the meat down to pellets...Maggie's FAV!
What I really wanted to praise THK about is the supplement proBloom. The BEST is all I can say. Maggie loves this probiotic made from goat's milk. What I love about this product is how it is helping with her "scratching and constant licking". She has been scratching soooo much lately it has been driving all of us crazy! I have tried all kind of healthy remedies to try and give her some comfort. Nothing has helped UNTIL proBloom AND she loves the way it taste! Every time I say "you want some milk?" She goes crazy! Every since I have been giving her a daily helping of proBloom, she seems to have calmed down with the scratching and licking! Give it a try!

I thank you and Maggie thanks you Honest Kitchen!

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