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I got Penelope when she was just a puppy and the diet the breeder had her on was kibble so I kept her on that because she had been used to it but as time went on I started noticing a lot of gas come out of her and I knew it was normal for frenchies but this was just about the smell that was so intolerable. Then i began to notice she started tearing a lot and she is white so many suggested to use powders and vitamins so I did. And then found out she was allergic to the powder and then she started to have skin problem so it became a stressful thing to have to be looking around for new brand of kibble every month. At that time I worked as a pet sitter and one day i went to pet sit one of my clients frenchies which was also a great friend and at feeding time I saw this note that gave instructions on how to serve the dogs food. At first I thought wow powder thats all but when I prepared it I can't lie the smell was good! and i served and thought her french bulldog seemed fit had an extremely shiny coat, no tears at all which is something I liked because her frenchie was also a light creme color and when i saw that i was amazed so I asked her how long had he been on the diet she said 1 yr now but she also started talking to me about how she went through the same thing a bunch of brands every month looking for the right one. I went back home that same night checked on the internet and saw so many great reviews so I decided to try it and so I went to the store which was an 1 hour away because around where i live no one carries it so I thought I will risk it and see how it goes. A week later after feeding it I can't say how amazed I am I saw so much change on my french bulldog and I also have a yorkie and sheltie which the tears went away gas was not bad at all. One thing that I saw on many testimonies and I noticed immediately on my french bulldog was that Penelope used to go at least 4 to 5 times outside to poop now only 2 times thats it! And she won't be drinking so much water throughout the day because she stays hydrated after every feeding. I can only say I am very happy about finding THK my dogs coats are all healthy there skin is healthy they have good energy they are at there ideal weight and they seem happy at feeding time. I am also starting to feed my cat Cressida which I recently adopted so I ordered the chicken recipe for her but I like how THK offers samples which I will be receiving to decide which one will Cressida love the most. I also love THK loyalty program and the reward points it is so nice to try new treats with the points available. My dogs are happy and I am happy too!

We love THK!

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tell your story

Tell us how The Honest Kitchen has helped your pet and receive 100 rewards points!