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Wawa's Story

when she first came to my life I knew it I had to look for alternatives options instead of dry food not only for her but for my other dogs too since she's an albino her immunity system was weaker than my other dogs also she has some joint problems after a year of the honest kitchen her health is improving she does not longer has skin issues her fur feels really soft and no more scratching.
There is a big different since the first day you try THK because you will see your pets exciting about it specially for the picky eaters is a blessing they will love it with 3 little dogs I don't have to worry about the size of kibble and terrible smell another thing I notice is their level of energy has increase.
The transition from kibble to THK was smooth for 2 of my dogs but for my albino it took more time for her instead of adding water I added perfect form I tried almost all the recipes for them but my favorite are thrive and force for the quality of the ingredients I also like their supplements and treats sometimes I add pro bloom to their food and they love it for the summer months I use ice pups and some peanut butter freeze it for 1 hour is like ice cream for them after a year of using the honest kitchen I honestly see the improvement of my dogs,thanks THK for all the whining at meal time.