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Emma 's Story

We found Emma the end of last July. She had been left tied to a tree outside Animal Control in Manhattan. Her situation, as way too many are, was urgent. We went and got her and she and our almost 4 yr old Weimaraner named Elsa ( Tuttie BooBoo the toe Princess ) are inseparable. The past few months Emma has been having a tough time with skin allergies- itching and weepy eyes. We had the saliva allergy test done through VetAlt Care in Lewes, De- by the way, Dr Chrisitine Abramowicz, the alternative vet is amazing. After Emma's results were in, she suggested Honest Kitchen as the food that would be best for Emma. She thought Preference would work with me adding turkey or the cage free turkey within the Honest Kitchen line. For the first time in months Emma is no longer hot to the touch and bright red like a cherry! She is feeling so much better!!!! Both she and Elsa LOVE the food! Thank you soooo much Honest Kitchen!!!!!!!!