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Olivia's Story

Olivia was living next to a dumpster, behind a restaurant and office building, near a major Houston intersection. Demodex covered the majority of her body. She had a wafer thin frame on top of being extremely malnourished and dehydrated. We still cannot believe that such a tiny pup survived on the streets for so long. At first, she was scared of people and very unsure of the world, due to her rough start.

As soon as we brought Olivia home, we started her immediately on THK's ZEAL, alternating with THRIVE, for breakfast and dinner. We know how important nutrition is. You start healing the outside by repairing the inside. Day by day we’d monitor her progress closely and, thankfully sooner than we expected, began to watch her flourish. She started to perk up her ears, wag her tail and then...I got my first kiss. That was a beautiful day and something I will never forget. Then hairs started to grow back within the first few weeks. Baby hairs...but hair!

Our sweet Olivia is now a bouncing, happy, energetic, perfect and loving-life little girl. We are so thankful that she’s a part of our life. And we could not have done it without The Honest Kitchen!