Working with the veterinarian community

Working with Veterinarians

The Honest Kitchen produces a line of dehydrated human-grade whole foods, supplements and treats for dogs and cats. Our products are made in a human food facility (not in a pet food plant) for the highest possible quality standards, using only ingredients from known and trusted sources. We produce nutritionally complete & balanced recipes as well as one fruit and vegetable base-mix. In our complete diets, we just use one protein source (meat or fish) which makes it easier to select the right recipe for pets with protein sensitivities. AAFCO vet feeding trials are planned for 2014.

We currently work with two veterinarians as consultants for our products, materials and vet communications - Dr. Patrick Mahaney VMD, CVA, CVJ and Leilani Alvarez DVM, CVA, CCRT, CVCHM. Read their bios here >

Veterinary Feed Program

We offer veterinarians and vet students a free box of our dog or cat diets to try on their own pet. If there is a veterinarian that would like to purchase our product to feed their pets, we also offer a discount. Please contact for more information.

Ambassador Program

Want to earn free Honest Kitchen products? As a member of the pet industry, vets and vet techs make purrfect Ambassadors for The Honest Kitchen! We’re looking for Honest Kitchen Ambassadors to lead the charge in encouraging healthy pets and to promote The Honest Kitchen with their community. For more information, please click here and complete the form to register!

Common Questions


I’m new to this food – could you send me literature and samples?

We’d be happy to! Please email us and we’ll send it our just as soon as we can.

Do your foods meet AAFCO standards?

All our diets, with the exception of our meat-free base-mixes Preference, Kindly and Hale, meet AAFCO standards for All Life Stages or Adult Maintenance.

Can you tell me about your manufacturing facility?

Our foods are made in a human food facility in Illinois. We have always produced our 100% human grade pet food in a ‘people food’ facility (never a pet food plant). We’ve hand-picked this state of the art facility to ensure our foods are products with the strictest protocols.

Can I sell your foods in my practice?

Yes! Please contact us about becoming a reseller here.

Do you have any hypoallergenic diets?

We don’t make hypoallergenic diets, but we do produce two limited-ingredient diets, Thrive™ and Zeal™. We also highly recommend Nutriscan, a revolutionary food sensitivity testing system.

Who develops your recipes?

Our research and development takes place in the fully equipped ‘test kitchen’ of our San Diego office. Our pet food recipes are created by our founder, Lucy Postins. She has been working in the pet food industry for more than fifteen years and has a background (and Bachelor’s degree) in Equine Studies, including nutrition, anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics.

How do you make sure your recipes are nutritionally balanced?

Our recipes are formulated to meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles, and we use USDA nutrient data as well as nutritional information from our individual suppliers, to calculate the nutrient profile of each new recipe. We then send that recipe to an independent laboratory for analysis, to ensure the calculations are accurate, for an array of different nutrients.

Are your recipes tested in any way?

When a new recipe has been formulated, we get product feedback from several holistic veterinarians and nutritionists, and our foods undergo informal, home-based palatability testing in a family setting with our own dogs and those of select customers. We conduct annual blood-work on our own pets to ensure the nutritional adequacy of each recipe for maintaining total health, and to confirm that all standard blood-work values remain within optimal ranges, for animals who consume our foods long term. Many of our staff’s own dogs have been eating Honest Kitchen products for their entire lives.

A couple of years ago we conducted an informal at-home feeding trial with 17 dogs under veterinary supervision. Our company doesn’t conduct formal laboratory / kennel based animal testing, but we are talking to a couple of universities at this time about doing some further trials with patients’ pets in their own homes (as opposed in a laboratory).

Are your products vet reviewed or recommended?

Our recipes are used or recommended by more than one hundred holistic and conventional veterinarians nationwide. We also work with two independent veterinary consultants, Dr Leilani Alvarez & Dr. Patrick Mahaney. Later this year, we plan to conduct an independent nutritional review of our products through a board certified veterinary nutritionist, based at a university hospital.

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