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Why choose dehydrated pet food?

You want to feed your pet the healthiest food possible but convenience is also important. Our dehydrated dog and cat food is the perfect balance of both these needs!

Like raw and home cooked diets, our recipes are made from real, whole food ingredients, offering a very fresh, minimally processed pet food option. They are healthy, nutritionally balanced meals that only require water to be added before serving. Learn more about the health benefits of dehydrated pet food.

The process of dehydration removes only the moisture from our ingredients. Because our foods are never cooked, canned or extruded, much more of the natural nutrition is maintained keeping them packed with vitamins, minerals and valuable phytonutrients – as well as natural color and flavor. Read more about the process of dehydration.

Pet Food Comparison Chart

Dehydrated vs Kibble

The benefit of kibble is ultimately its convenience– simply scoop and serve. Unfortunately, kibbles are cooked, extruded and baked at such high temperatures that the end product turns brown and many of the nutrients are destroyed. These highly processed foods, that often contain artificial chemical preservatives and hard-to-digest by-products, can gradually deplete an animal’s immune system over time and actually make them more susceptible to long term health problems. Chemical preservatives, such as Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT, have also been directly linked to an increased incidence of cancer in pets.

In comparison, dehydrated ingredients are touched as little as possible at a much lower heat level. This keeps the foods rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids that any living thing needs in order to remain strong, healthy and resilient to disease. The end product contains the raw foods’ natural color, flavor and aroma, which shows that it still contains life.

Dehydrated vs Canned

Like canned foods, our dehydrated foods contain high levels of moisture* and are delicious to even the pickiest eaters. However, unlike most canned foods, our recipes do not contain added sugars, salts or artificial preservatives. They also are not ‘sticky’ so they don’t contribute to plaque buildup like canned food.

*The moisture is added at mealtime, 5 minutes before serving. This keeps our foods light-weight and compact, reducing shipping costs and fossil fuel use.

Dehydrated vs Raw

Human-grade pet food We are advocates of raw-feeding, for animals who can tolerate it. The benefits of raw food are live enzymes, as well as untouched nutrients. We have created a meat-free base mix, Preference, as a great complement to a raw diet. Dehydrated diets are an option if you aren’t comfortable feeding a raw diet, or your pet's immune system won't allow it. Unlike homemade raw diets prepared with grocery store meats, the meats used in our dehydrated recipes are pathogen safe and are even FDA approved ‘human edible’. Grocery store raw meat may contain allowable amounts of salmonella, because it is intended to be cooked before consumption. We recommend sourcing your own raw meat from trusted suppliers, or using a prepared raw pet food product that’s intended for raw consumption, which has undergone HPP or other safety steps.

Dehydrated vs Homemade

The benefit of home cooking is really having control over each ingredient used. It’s particularly beneficial for pet owners who are concerned with their food’s origin. However, it is time consuming and can be messy! Our dehydrated foods are essentially a homemade meal, made easy. You simply add warm water and your pet has a warm, delicious meal.

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