Wishes Treats

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Grain-free, wild caught haddock treats for dogs and cats
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Wishes - 2 oz box

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for dogs and cats

**Wishes are officially Non-GMO Project Verified!**

Wishes™ grain free dog treats and cat treats are made with 100% wild caught haddock. Like Ice Pups, they can be fed to both cats and dogs. Wishes are naturally high in protein while low in fat and carbohydrates so they make a healthy addition to your pet's diet.

Wishes high protein dog treats and cat treats are made with just one ingredient and have no fillers or artificial additives. Haddock is a clean white fish that's naturally very low in fat so you can serve a few small pieces without a risk of packing on the pounds.

Wishes grain-free treats come as large, dehydrated fish fillets that can be snapped into smaller pieces for your dogs or cats. Use them as a general reward or an aid to training.

Contains NO corn, wheat, soy or GMO ingredients.


Dehydrated haddock

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 84.0%
Fat, 0.8%
Fiber, 0.2%
Moisture, 8.0%

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Written by cynthia | 9/20/15

These pure protein treats are a favorite among my dog and my parent's dogs. warning: these treats will cause tail wagging, drooling, wiggle butts, and whining!!

Written by joy | 4/3/15


Written by Priscilla | 2/27/15

My cat loves her Wishes! She specifically requests these treats on a daily basis--she'll head into the kitchen and meow until I pull the box out of the cupboard, then meow even louder as I crumble it up into her bowl. I love that it's a whole food treat that's minimally processed. You can't go wrong with these.

Written by chris | 2/8/15

the great part is , is even dogs love these too! My dog gets excited just seeing the box! They are a great treat and the best part is i know the ingredients and know exactly what my dog is eating!

Written by Trudy | 1/13/15

These treats are great for dogs that have IBD and are feed a single source protein diet like Zeal. I don't know what I would do without these great fish treats for my dog.

Written by ida | 11/24/14

Another winner with my Honey Boy. You can tell by the smell that this is the real deal,and so does he. He loves this dry or re hydrated. Agian thanks for the REAL food you provide so my boy can eat a healthy diet.

Written by Don | 9/3/14

PattyCake says oh boy! A new fishy treat - buy me more, Daddy!

Written by Eleanor | 8/21/14

My 4 cats and 14 month old Labradoodle love these treats. I break each one into many small pieces and they instantly wait for them to be broken up and doled out. A big hit.

Written by Sheila | 7/14/14

My dog has always loved fish especially salmon. And if you feel his coat, you can see the difference fish oil makes. I wish THK made salmon treats but decided to give Wishes a try and was very glad I did! My dog loves it and I love it! It's healthy for him and low in calories. Great for training too because it really gets his attention.

Written by Sandy | 7/12/14

Our one year old beagle loves treats and these work great. We simply break off the size piece we want her to have. It does smell fishy, but that is expected since it is fish. Feel good about giving her a treat that doesn't have additives and other things that she does not need.

Written by Carey | 6/25/14

My three dogs love this treat! When I opened the package they were going crazy trying to get one. The product smells like fish but it's not a strong fish smell. I even gave some to the neighbor's cat and he loved it too!

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