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Made With Love – Preparing Fido’s Food

A homemade diet can provide a healthy, nutritious and tasty alternative to many commercial pet foods ... Read More

Energy Medicine: Homeopathy for Fido's Health

With the higher frequency of side effects from many conventional medicines, alternative remedies are ... Read More

Varietal Feeding for Fido

Varietal or rotational feeding is gaining popularity among pet parents. Not only is feeding a varied ... Read More

Snacks for Fido: How much is too much?

We all love to offer our animal companions treats and snacks, but how many we give and how often can ... Read More

Toxic People Foods Fido Should Avoid

While most “people-foods” can be fed to Fido without any adverse consequences, some should never ... Read More

What to feed Fido when the cupboard is bare

It happens to the best of us; we mean to order dog food but the cupboard runs bare. Once in a while, ... Read More

Feeding Fido Kibble or Canned?

How’s a guardian to choose? If you’ve shopped around for pet food in recent years, you might hav ... Read More

Raw Food Diet: Is Fido a Candidate?

There are many factors to consider in choosing whether to move to a raw food diet for Fido. Differen ... Read More

Herbal Remedies for Fido

There are many cases in which expert veterinary attention is absolutely vital for Fido’s health an ... Read More

Senior Care: Looking After Fido in His Golden Years

We all want to slow the aging process for our dogs as well as ourselves, but of course there is no e ... Read More

Bladder Control – Keep Fido’s Urinary Tract Crystal Clear

Inflammation of the bladder (cystitis) or urethra, as well as formation of crystals and infections, ... Read More

What is Making Fido so Itchy?

Chronic itchy skin, hot spots, dandruff and a smelly, oily coat plague many unfortunate dogs across ... Read More

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