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How to transition your dog to the Honest Kitchen diet

If your dog has never tried our foods before, we recommend starting out slowly. Over a period of 1 ... Read More

Adding Extras

It is actually advised for you to add in extra meats, veggies and fruits because if you keep any dog ... Read More

Getting Your Cat to Try a New Food

Cats are notoriously finicky creatures of habit and it can be very challenging to persuade them to t ... Read More

Special Needs & Niche Diets for Pets – A Commonsense Look

Perusing your pet food store can be a daunting venture if you enter unsure of what you want to leave ... Read More

Making Sense of the The Guaranteed Analysis Label

You are at your local pet food store, comparing the labels of one food after another, trying to make ... Read More

Gluten Intolerance: Pets can have Problems with Gluten, too.

Gluten is a generic term, that’s used to describe the proteins found in wheat and other cereal ... Read More

Holiday Meals Pets Can Eat Too

Sharing a moderate amount of holiday leftovers with your pet can be a great way keep her included in ... Read More

3 Myths About Your Pet’s Prescription Diet

When your veterinarian recommends a prescription diet for your pet, it is because your pet has a hea ... Read More

Puppy’s Nutritional Needs

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exciting time, and for many people, there is a lot to lea ... Read More

Introducing New Pet Foods

Introducing your cat or dog to a different type of food can be a slightly daunting proposition, espe ... Read More

What is Human Grade Pet Food, Really?

A number of pet food companies make claims that their products are ‘human quality’ or ‘table g ... Read More

Six Ways to Feed our Dehydrated Foods

A is for All Alone Feed Honest Kitchen food by itself as a complete meal (except preference, whi ... Read More

What About Water?

Did you know that the water you offer your pet to drink, as well as that which you use for meal prep ... Read More

What Does Organic Mean?

The term ‘organic’ refers to ingredients that have been grown without the use of pesticides, syn ... Read More

Healthy Food Topper Ideas

Here are some ideas of healthy food options to add to your dog's food. Read More

Benefits of an All Natural Diet for Puppies

Wholesome, healthy food is a cornerstone of well-being for all living things, and there are numerous ... Read More

Mineral Madness

Minerals are some of the most important of all nutrients, and are needed to help maintain the correc ... Read More

What is Dehydrated Pet Food?

Our foods are made using a technique called dehydration. This is a slow, gentle method of very minim ... Read More

Pet Food Ingredients Guide

The following table can be used as a ‘clip-and-carry’ watch list to help you negotiate the shelv ... Read More

The Importance of Enzymes for Cats and Dogs

Enzymes are present throughout our bodies and they are vital to keep each body system functioning he ... Read More

Hypoallergenic Pet Food: Myths and Facts

Hypoallergenic diets for dogs and cats are gaining popularity, and do offer some health benefits, bu ... Read More

Choosing Pet Food 101

What our pets consume is more that just ‘fuel’. It is a source of many vital compounds that can ... Read More

Overview of Vitamins and Minerals Pets Need

Here’s a quick primer on the vitamins and minerals that are important for cats and dogs. Vitamins ... Read More

Grain-free Diets: The Pros and Cons

While most domestic pets are not strictly ‘celiac’ (only Irish Setters have so far been shown to ... Read More

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