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Causes & Remedies for Pet Ear Infections

Bacteria and yeast are present naturally, throughout the body, including the ears, part of the balan ... Read More

Dental Issues for Pets

Dental problems can be a serious threat to a pet’s health, if left untreated. While dogs and cats ... Read More

5 Medical Reasons Pets Go to the Vet

Has your pet been receiving long term medication for a chronic (non life-threatening) health problem ... Read More

Natural Options for Bone and Joint Health

The musculoskeletal system includes the bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When these are stron ... Read More

Preventing Obesity in Our Pets

In addition to over-feeding, over-treating and under-exercising, slightly overweight pets are becomi ... Read More

Pet Digestive Problems

Many chronic digestive issues are related in some way to a food intolerance or sensitivity. Acute GI ... Read More

12 Tips for Beating Fleas Naturally

A flea problem can run the gamut from a mild annoyance to full blown insecticidal warfare. Often, a ... Read More

Maintaining Healthy Weight in Dogs and Cats

Pet obesity is becoming increasingly common. In the US, The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention ( ... Read More

Gastrointestinal Health in Pets

Most chronic stomach problems in dogs and cats are related in some way to a food intolerance. Many p ... Read More

Natural Skin and Coat Remedies

Itchy skin problems are among the top reasons dogs and cats are taken to the vet. The skin is an org ... Read More

Eye Health in Cats and Dogs

A number of different problems can plague the eyes of our animal companions as they begin to age. A ... Read More

Underweight Pets

The first thing to check with a dog who’s struggling to gain weight, is the feeding amount. Some d ... Read More

Remedies and Tips for Ear Health

Many dogs are prone to problematic ears. Certain breeds with ears that hang down can be predisposed ... Read More

Promoting Heart Health

Even though our animal companions are not at risk from heart attacks like people, heart disease, hea ... Read More

Dental Care: Maintaining Healthy Pearly Whites

Dental problems can pose a serious threat to a dog’s health if left untreated. Although dogs don ... Read More

Remedies for Tummy Aches

Sometime, dogs eat just a little too much – especially during the holidays. If your pup’s eyes w ... Read More

Tips for Maintaining Urinary Tract Health

Some common signs of a urinary tract problem include urinating with greater frequency (possibly with ... Read More

Nail and Paw Health

Nails and paws can be a source of trepidation for many pets – and their owners too. Here’s a qui ... Read More

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