Ayurveda For Pets

Welcome to our page on Ayurveda! If you’re new to this ancient Indian system of medicine, this page will give you a basic look at what it’s all about and some resources if we’ve got you intrigued and you want to learn more.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda’s a super cool system of health that originated in India. Ayurveda, as beautifully described on the website from our very good friends at SamaDog.com, is a “5,000-year-old holistic healing system… which offers timeless wisdom and practical tools for exceptional overall wellbeing – both human and canine. The sister-science to yoga and meditation, Ayurveda provides a soulful, whole-being approach for maintaining dynamic balance and lifelong vitality.”

Ayurveda is essentially based on the five elements of nature: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, which are also recognized in other ancient health systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The way these five elements are distributed throughout a person’s (or pet’s) body and mind determines their “Dosha”(Sanskrit for body/mind type).

The three doshas are:

Vata (Movement: typical traits; light, dry, energetic, inconsistent, creative)

Pitta (Transformation: typical traits; alert, determined, independent, intelligent)

Kapha (Protection: typical traits; stabile, loyal, consistent, warm)

Each dosha is defined by a set of physiological and psychological traits. People (and pets) may fall under one specific dosha, or a combination of two (or rarely, all three). Similar to Traditional Chinese Medicine, different foods are particularly suited to help balance different dosha characteristics. Besides tastes, different types of touch, smells, sights and sounds can either nourish or imbalance the different doshas. When a dosha becomes imbalanced, various ailments, sensitivities, physical conditions and bad behaviors can develop.  Understanding your pet’s dosha type can help you make the most sensible food and other lifestyle choices to help balance his mind, body and soul.

Our Pet Dosha Chart has been lovingly created by certified Ayurveda educator, Amanda Ringnalda, the founder of SamaDog.com.


(circle which applies most to your dog when he/she is in a good state of heath)


(Column with most circled is the primary dosha)    

For more detailed information on how to discover your dog’s mind-body type and to receive a free Pet Dosha Quiz, sign up at www.samadog.com.