5 Apps for Pet Care

You use your phone for everything else already.

Why not pet care? These five apps simplify or streamline everything from medicine and feeding schedules to walks and pet sitter instructions.

The Red Cross Pet First Aid App

If you only choose one pet-related app to download, make it this one. The Red Cross released their first aid app, which allows you to toggle between cat- and dog-related content. It includes daily preventative care information, along with step-by-step advice for emergencies. Create profiles for each of your pets and even track veterinary visits. $0.99 on Android, iOS and Kindle

Spending on My Dog

Pet care can get expensive. This app’s My Puppy Envelope allows you to set and track budgets for treats, toys, grooming, food, supplies, medical expenses and more. Rather than a single “pet care” budget, you can see exactly how your expenses break down by category in a number of visual representations. Then, export the data to whatever money management software you use to incorporate it into your household budget. $0.99 on Android


Do you struggle to get your pet to look at your phone when you’re trying to snap the perfect pic? This app is designed to fix that problem. Set a sound—anything from a duck quacking to a fog horn—and the app plays the sound to get your pet’s attention, then the app snaps the photo. $1.99 on iOS

My Pet

Tagline: The ultimate pet record maker. This app allows you to track just about everything you need to keep a close eye on your pet’s health and to communicate with your vet. Set notifications and reminders for yourself, and send the entire profile to your veterinarian or pet sitter via email. The app also comes with built-in tips and advice for pet care, including a stymptom checker. $1.99 on iOS

Crazy Cat

It’s not exactly useful like the others, but Crazy Cat is a fun, interactive game for your cat to play on your phone or tablet. It does offer in-app purchases, but it’s designed to require human verification before charging your card to prevent your cat from going on a spending spree. With a mix of sights and sounds, the app provides a stimulating distraction for your crazy cat. Free on Android

Meet the Author: Maggie Marton

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