5 Red Flags That You Need Dog Insurance

Don’t wait until it’s too late to take out dog insurance.

Don’t you wish you could see into the future? You’d be able to pick the right lottery numbers, see what the critics are saying about the horrible movie you’re about to spend $15 on, and know who would win the next World Series. You’d also be able to find out if your dog got hurt or came down with a serious illness. Then, you’d feel secure in taking out a dog insurance policy.

For everyone else who doesn’t have ESP, dog insurance seems like a gamble; there are pros and cons you need to consider. You’re paying a premium every month and you may not use the coverage. If only you somehow knew that your dog (and your wallet) would need the life line. What if we told you that there are signs you can watch for that can tell you if your dog is a prime candidate for health insurance? These red flags are great indication as to the likelihood that Fido will be racking up the expensive vet bills.

Red Flag #1: Your dog is over-the-top active.

Yes, most dogs are pretty hyper, but this type of dog doesn’t seem to stop moving. All the movement will keep him in shape, but all that running and jumping around could cause an injury. This includes joint or muscle damage, and injuries that result from tripping, falling or jumping. Make sure that your super-active dog has adequate care to cover these sporting mishaps.

Red Flag #2: You have a dog that has susceptible health issues.

There are some breeds that are notorious for health problems. For example, thanks to his flat face, the Pug is more likely to have breathing sensitivities. Larger dogs, such as the Great Dane, are prone to canine hip dysplasia. If you have your heart set on a certain breed, make sure you look into common health concerns that may come along with him. Research forums and groups that are populated by breed lovers and ask if they’ve come across any recurring problems. If there’s evidence that the issue can run up medical bills, do yourself and your dog a favor, and take out dog insurance.

Red Flag #3: You don’t have money saved up for emergency vet bills.

Do you have problems saving money or sticking to a budget? If money seems to slip through your fingers, then you won’t be able to budget for unseen medical issues or routine vet checks. That means you need a safety net in place for your pet, and an insurance policy is the right choice for you. If you can’t save the money on your own and something happens to your dog, you’re going to be stuck with a hefty bill. One of the good things about dog insurance is that the budget is done for you; just pay your fee and you’re covered for the just-in-case moments.

Red Flag #4: Your dog eats everything.

To your dog, everything is a meal as long as it smells interesting. If your dog eats anything he finds on the floor, table, street and couch cushions, getting dog insurance is the smart thing to do. The smaller stuff will pass through him, but other things may have to be removed surgically. If you notice that your dog is eating everything in sight and you can’t curb the problem, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Red Flag #5: Your dog is getting older.

It’s a life-time commitment and you’re in it until the end from puppyhood to old age. When your dog enters into his senior years, a variety of health issues can crop up (which means more frequent trips to the vet). It’s better to start sooner than later, if you’re looking to keep your premiums at a lower rate. The rates go up as your dog ages and you may be better off by being covered right from the start.

Meet the Author: Amy Tokic

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