5 Signs That Your Pet Should Have His Own Instagram Account

Can’t stop snapping pics of your pup or kitty?

Pet Instagram accounts are all the rage—and you might be able to join the craze if he or she meets these requirements.

Your Pet is a Great Model

Instagram is all about the images, so having great photography is the most important thing, according to Jessica Majeski, a digital marketing strategist and owner of a dog with an Instagram account (@teganthetripawd). “Having high-quality images is only going to make your account stand out from the pack,” says Majeski. “If your pet can do something different and unique, it’s definitely worth showcasing it”

Another great skill to look for: a pet trained to look at the camera or one who will listen to you when he’s off leash. “Especially if you pair it with a beautiful, natural outdoorsy background,” says Majeski.

There’s Something Unique

Sure, you love your dog and probably think he’s the cutest thing on social media. Thing is, every pet owner out there feels the same way, so if there’s something about Fido that makes him truly special, you should highlight it.

After all, people love a good story, and if your pet has an interesting background, people will take interest in that, says Majeski. “Pets alone are heartwarming, but when you weave their story into your Instagram narrative, it makes people want to follow along and come back for more,” says Majeski. “They become more invested in your account and want to keep up with your pet’s life.”

He Has a Huge Personality

Pets who are comfortable in front of the camera, or who are even trained to look at the camera, often make for popular Instagram accounts, according to Majeski. For example, Majeski says #TongueOutTuesday is a popular hashtag so if your furry friend likes to show off his tongue, you can capitalize on that.

You Have a Theme

The best Instagram accounts have a central theme, something that unifies the posts. There are great Instagram accounts about dogs and food, dogs traveling, cats behaving badly, and quirky pets who enjoy playing dress up. A great Instagram could also be about your pet’s history, such as documenting the new life of a rescue pet or showcasing what your registered therapy dog can do. Have a dog who loves to sleep? Your central theme could be “the many places Charlie sleeps in.”

Having a theme doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same kind of photos every single time you post, but it gives the account unity and makes it more interesting. “Having a theme for your pet Instagram has a few different benefits: it makes your content/images cohesive, it lets your followers know what to expect from your account, and it helps you stay focused on the theme when creating content,” says Majeski. “If your theme is based around something popular, you’re likely to get more popularity by utilizing it.”

You’re Obsessed With Him

If you’re the kind of mom ready to take doggie photos every chance you get, Instagram is for you. After all, the best pics are probably the unexpected ones. “I am an opportunistic pet photographer, so if I see my dog doing something cute I’ll snap a bunch of photos from different angles—that way I can pick the best photo,” says Majeski. That doesn’t mean posed photos aren’t good too—in most cases, it’s all about balance and your pet’s natural tendencies.

“If your pet is camera-shy, you may focus more on candid/natural shots to tell their story versus close up, posed, portrait style photos,” says Majeski. “In general, having good natural lighting will help no matter what type of photo you’re taking, and being outdoors can give you a scenic background to make your photo stand out.”

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