6 Reasons You Should Bring Your Dog to Work

Much like “Bring Your Kid to Work Day”,
only it’s every day.

Big and small employers alike are looking for ways to boost employee productivity, which in turn, brings in more profits. To do this, companies have started to think outside the box, offering employees new and surprising perks. And one of these perks that I love is to allow employees to bring their dogs to work. Some people may think that this can be a distraction, but I believe the opposite—and there are several studies that back up my claim.

While some dogs are simply too high-strung or nervous to spend time in the office, calm and mild-mannered dogs can provide great benefits for employee production. Here are my top six reasons why you should be able to bring your dogs in the workplace:

Dogs can stimulate creativity

A company that allows pets in the workplace has already proven an ability to think outside of the box. This encourages employees to think outside the box as well. By having an office pooch, employees are encouraged to take short “petting breaks,” which give the brain a chance to rest and recharge. And those benefits extend outside of the workplace, too—there’s evidence that shows people who interact with dogs are at lower risk for depression and higher serotonin levels.

Increased productivity

If you’ve got a 9-to-5 office job, chances are you spend the better part of your day sitting at a desk. This can be both physically and mentally draining. Taking short breaks from work at regular intervals throughout the day can help to improve both accuracy and productivity in work. Dogs provide natural opportunities for these short breaks, helping to improve both productivity and morale in the office.

Improved attendance

Have a dog around the office helps to reduce stress levels, which in turn, bolsters your immunity. This means that you will be sick less often—great news for your employer because it means fewer sick days and more productivity.



Bonding opportunities for employees

If you want your business to thrive, it’s in your best interest that camaraderie and trust in the workplace thrive, especially if people need to work in teams. Dogs are the perfect opportunity for employees to gather around and facilitate friendly conversation. Office dogs help create a positive vibe and give people the chance to get to know everyone else in the workplace.

New hire incentive

Looking to bring in new talent? A bonus perk you can offer as part of your package can be the opportunity for employees to bring their pooch to the office. Besides, with office dogs, you can entice these new hires by showing that you have a modern, creative and friendly atmosphere in your work environment.

Positive reinforcement

We want to be the person our dog thinks we are.  You can use that boost to put the boots to whatever project you’re looking to dazzle your bosses with. Every time you need a reminder, just look down at your dog!

Meet the Author: Amy Tokic

Amy Tokic is the Editor of Petguide.com, the flagship site to over 70 different pet communities, which offers pet parents a one-stop-info-shop for all things dog and cat related. Amy's been with PetGuide since the beginning, guided by the wisdom of her Shih Tzu mix and furry roommate, Oscar. Together, this pet power couple has their paw on the pulse of the pet industry, sniffing out trends, advice, news, tasty treat recipes and other tail-wagging stories.

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