6 Ways Your Cat Lets You Know He Loves You

Cats are notorious for their stubbornly independent natures, but if you think Fluffy’s stalwart determination to deny you affection means he doesn’t love you, you’d be mistaken.

Cats love their owners just as much, if not more, than dogs; they’re just a little reserved in how they show it. Here are a few ways you might not realize your cat is showing you he loves you.

The Headbutt

The kitty headbutt, otherwise known as bunting, is when your furry friend approaches you and bumps his head into your body, usually somewhere on your face. While bunting is often a way in which felines share their scent with one another (they have scent glands in their faces), it’s also a way they buddy up and show affection. It’s more of “bro bump” than a headbutt, really.


You’re probably used to seeing this behavior when your cat is searching for a soft spot to lay his head. He’ll flex his paws and gently knead the cushion before doing a circle and plopping down for a nap. Occasionally your cat might even do this to your lap. He’s not trying to push you off of his favorite spot; instead, he’s letting you know he’s at ease in your arms.

Kneading is a leftover from his kitten days when he’d use his paws to stimulate milk from his mother during nursing. When a cat is kneading, it shows that they’re completely content.

Eye Kisses

When your feline spends half the day staring you down, that’s probably not a good sign for your relationship. In fact, you might want to start sleeping with one eye open. However, if your cat is looking at you with half-closed eyes that are slowly blinking it’s a different sign altogether. They only do this around animals they’re comfortable with and it’s often thought of as a form of cat kissing.

Cheek Rubbing

This one seems like a no-brainer, but when your cat is rubbing his head up against you he’s definitely displaying signs of affection. The glands on the side of a cat’s cheek are filled with pheromones that relay feelings of friendliness and familiarity. Cats only rub on people and other animals they enjoy being around.

Tail Hugging

Cats are very protective of their tails and much like their canine buddies, they use them to communicate their emotions. One way in which they use their tails to show affection is by wrapping them around your body or resting them on you while they sleep. It’s a sign of immense trust for them to fall asleep with their tail vulnerable to you, so make sure you prove their faith in you is founded by leaving it alone as they rest.

Simply Being Near You

Unlike humans, cats don’t ever feel the need to tolerate people they don’t like. If a cat hates someone they’re just going to keep their distance. The good news is that even if your cat doesn’t like being held much, he still shows his affection by allowing you to lounge in his personal space. Does your cat seem okay with you sitting next to him on the couch while you both mind your own business? That means he considers you a friend.

If your cat follows you from room to room around the house that’s an even better sign that the two of you are probably bonded for life.

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