7 Fun Dates Your Dog Will Love

Significant other. Best friend. Soul mate.

If this is how you refer to your pet rather than, or maybe in addition to, another human, we’ve got seven ways to show it. Make some day a day to remember with these seven fun dates your dog will love.

Chow Down at a Pet-Friendly Restaurant

Lunch or dinner is a great way to bond with your friends, including your four-legged one. Many places have patio seating where you and your dog can hang out and get your grub on. Do a quick search for pet-friendly restaurants in your area, then get your dog in the car and go dog, go!

Shop ’til You Both Drop

Farmer’s markets and outdoor malls are a great way to multitask. You get to walk with your dog and get your shopping done all at the same time. You may even find some goodies your pet can try at your local pet food store. Your dog will love the new sights, smells, and human attention—plus you’ll get the opportunity to support local businesses. It’s a win-win-win.

Break a Sweat Together

Exercise is good for you and your pet. So why not get fit together? Whether you sniff out a new running or biking path, or go to a “doga” class, you’ll both feel the burn and enjoy the benefits of fresh air and exercise.

Take Your Pet to the Ball Game

Check in with your local team to see if there are any pet-friendly baseball games on the schedule because hey, pets are baseball fans too! There were a number of cities who had pet friendly games in 2016. Even if you have to take a road trip to one of these pet-friendly ballparks, it’ll be worth the selfies you’ll get to take of you and your dog eating hot dogs and wearing ball caps at a live major league baseball game.

Hit the Trail

Whether it’s a weekend camping trip or a day trip to the mountains, most dogs love the great outdoors. Hiking is a fun way to get some exercise and nature. Follow these tips for taking your dog hiking before you go to make sure your adventure is fun and drama-free.

“Netflix and Chill” Night

If your pet is more of a homebody than an outdoor enthusiast, a night in may be just what the love doctor ordered. Prepare some tasty treats with one of these popcorn recipes for you, and this sweet treat recipe for your dog. Then grab your and your best friend’s favorite blanket, the TV clicker, and a spot on the couch.

Need pet-friendly movie ideas? 101 Dalmatians and Fox and the Hound are both classics. Cats & Dogs is a fun one too, especially if you’re strictly a dog person. If your dog is a howler, Zootopia offers a few good chances to let his inner wolf out. Good, non-animated flicks include Homeward Bound, Air Bud, or Marley & Me.

No bones about it, our pets are special. If you agree yours deserves more than just a heart-shaped emoji toy, then shake things up with one of these seven fun date ideas.

Meet the Author: Patty DiMaggio

Patty DiMaggio is a freelance copywriter specializing in social media, website, and email content for pet companies who want to generate more revenue from their marketing efforts. Patty also works as a pet sitter for Play Time Pet Care in Mesa, AZ where she lives with her two long-haired dachshunds, Daisy and Belle. When not writing for clients Patty enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and traveling to new places in Arizona and around the U.S.

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